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Is cosmetic teeth whitening safe?

Absolutely yes! Our products have been around for over 20 years. We offer the safest FDA approved plant and mineral based gel. The products do not damage teeth and provide enamel building qualities.

How white will my teeth get and how long will it last?

This varies from person to person. It really depends on your lifestyle and the diet you consume. The average whitening is 5-14 shades whiter in one session. One session takes about 90 minutes and is broken into three 20 minute sessions under the laser. You'll leave with your teeth the whitest they can naturally go. Everyone has a natural stopping point. The results will last 6 months or more with proper aftercare and maintenance.


-You will have to wait 2 hours after your appointment to eat so we suggest eating before your appointment.

-After your appointment you will only be able to eat neutral colored foods for 24 hours because your pores will be open. Stay away from dark foods and liquids, as well as colored toothpaste for 24 hours after.

-Staying hydrated before and after your appointment will help with sensitivity.

-Continue using whitening toothpaste and White Honey Teeth Whitening Foam twice a week to maintain SURFACE stains

-PRO TIP: Bring a pair of headphones to listen to your favorite playlist or podcast. During your time under the light, you will want to just close your eyes and relax/sleep.

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